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Charity, isn't that what fandom's for (besides porn)?

Just a word from your sponsors.

Every year before Wincon we pick a charity, do up a raffle, and donate the proceeds from the raffle (and other ventures) to that charity. It's a way to remind ourselves that even though Wincon is about the sparkles and the cocktails, it's also about togetherness and remembering what community means face to face and person to person.

In the past the charities we chose were local to reflect the fact that every Wincon has a unique, local flavor from city to city. This year, though, we decided to do something new and different in honor of our change in focus from a monofandom Con to a panfandom one.

Our charity this year is FINCA International. If you're unfamiliar with this organization, they're a microfinance charity which specifically focuses its efforts towards women. Most of Wincon's efforts are aimed toward women (MOST), so we feel that this charity perfectly dovetails with the spirit of our Con. (If you don't know anything about microfinance, wikipedia is your buddy.)

We're hesitant to expect that we will meet the threshold to endow a Wincon FINCA Bank (this takes a minimum of $5K, way out of our ballpark), but we can choose another bank to give the charity money to, and after the Con we will poll about this.

So: come to Wincon and endow seed money for women in poverty to start businesses while talking about porn. Win/win?
Tags: 2010-chicago, charity
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