Riding the Ice Dragon (itsthedetails) wrote in wincon,
Riding the Ice Dragon

Karaoke Time!

Hi All,

So I spoke with one of the managers at Ringside Sports Bar today told them we'd roughly have about 15 people at karaoke on Friday, so we could guarantee we'll have space to sit together. I based this number off the poll in this post. This is in no way means that if you didn't repond yes in that poll we don't have space for you to join us.

However, if a lot of you maybes out there have decided you want to join and the number is significantly higher than 15 I would like let the Bar know so they can give us a few more tables.

So, another poll!

If you were a Maybe vote in the last poll or are just deciding you want to join our karaoke outing now vote in the poll below.

Poll #1630337 I Changed My Mind

Are you going to join the rest of us for karaoke?

I voted Maybe in the last poll, but realized the only place to be on Friday night is karaoke!
I didn't vote in the last poll, but I'm coming to karaoke!
I voted Maybe in the last poll, but I've decided to do something less fun than karaoke on Friday night.

Please remember we will be gathering in the lobby at 9:15 to start heading over by cab to the bar. Also, the cab ride each way per person will be roughly $8 based on four people per cab.

I'm leaving for Chicago Thursday morning, I'd like to have a better idea of the number by then, so please vote soon. Thank you!
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