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Comics Panel - recommendations!

This is the continuation of the comics panel! We said we'd post recs for good comics to read, so without further ado~


Iron Man
Extremis (6 issues)
Execute Program (6 issues)
Demon in a Bottle

New Avengers
the first 20 issues

Civil War
Casualties of War
The Confession ;_;

Captain America
tsukinofaerii would like to recommend Cap Reborn as a good place to start even though she hates the comic with every fibre of her being.
I've heard that the Captain America comic leading up to Civil War was good but I'm not sure what volume/issues those are, maybe someone who reads more Cap than we do has some recommendations? ^^;

the Joe Kelly run (Deadpool's solo series)
Cable and Deadpool (50 issue series)

Young Avengers
featuring canon gay couple Teddy and Billy ♥

they have a sentient dinosaur, why are you still here

Marvel Adventures
this is super cute. In Marvel Adventures: Avengers, Steve and Tony are in ♥ and go on lots of dates together!

Ultimate Universe comics
tsukinofaerii loves Ults, I hate it, ymmv. In Ults, the characters are more strongly drawn. 616 Tony is kind of a dick; Ults Tony is an asshole. 616 Steve does not believe the ends justify the means (see: when he gave SHIELD the finger and went AWOL at the beginning of Civil War); Ults Steve does. I don't like what Ults does to the characters, but sad to say the movie portrayals of the characters (at least the ones that we've seen so far) are closer to their Ults versions than their 616 versions, so if you've seen the movies and are looking for something that close, you might want to start there.

Avengers Prime
This series is running right now. One of the last issues featured naked Tony ON A HORSE and then Tony and Steve shenanigans.

Oh yeah and apparently there are some mutants or something, idk. We don't really read any X-men comics! Which isn't to say that there isn't anyone who does, and if you're that person we'd love to hear from you in the comments with some recommandations. :)


Superman: Birthright
Death of Superman
World Without Superman
The Return as Superman
Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
Superman/Batman: World's Finest
Speeding Bullets
Lex Luthor: Man of Steel
Superman For All Seasons
Red Son
All-Star Superman

The Killing Joke
Death In The Family
Year One
Long Halloween
Dark Victory
The Dark Knight Returns
Arkham Asylum
Black & White Vol. 1 & 2
Mad Love
A Lonely Place of Dying
Officer Down
No Man's Land
Gotham Central

Teen Titans
The Judas Contract
Volume 3 (newest one with the awesomeness that is Tim/Kon)

DCU General
Crisis on Infinite Earths
Kingdom Come
JLA: Tower of Babble
Superman/Batman: World's Finest
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
JLA: New World Order
Identity Crisis
Justice League International

And since I apparently forgot to actually include this in the post, ETA to say please add any recommendations or comments you have as well! We know we haven't included a very broad range of comics so if you don't see your favourites here, sing out. :)
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