The Reverend C. Diddy Sunshine (cathybites) wrote in wincon,
The Reverend C. Diddy Sunshine

Fanart paneliciousness!

Belated, but that's how we roll! First, I would like to thank everyone who came to our panel and didn't boo us or walk away in disgust. Second, many many thanks to bossymarmalade for helping to wrangle us into actually coming up with a plan for the panel. And I would personally like to thank my darling co-panelist, glockgal for foolishly saying 'yes' when I asked her to be on a panel with me.

Credits for examples and artwork showcased in the panel:
- Supernatural Game: White Dresses matching game by the amazing gnatkip
- Ficcusstrations: a comprehensive list of fanfics written for fanart by lizardspots
- Inception Pendant by wiccaqueen, for an example of crafts-as-fanart.
- Cities of Sand by tongari an Inception/Sandman crossover and a beautiful example of sequential art/art as narrative

Also, if anybody had any further questions or anything they would like to bring up, please do so here!
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