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WinCon5 Vid Show

Well. This certainly took a lot longer to post than I anticipated…sorry about that. ADrive was being a butt, and then life got, er, complicated. BUT. I HAZ VIDS FOR YOU GUISE.

Another amazing WinCon, and what a fantastic Vid Show! Thanks so much to all you talented folks who contributed your work.

As always, we’ve got links to all of the full-length vids, so please go to the individual posts and give the artists some love.

WinCon 5 Vid Show - Individual Files

1) Us by lim
Song: Us by Regina Spektor
Fandom: Multifandom

2) Channel Surfing by ash8 and maichan
Song: TV Theme Songe by Various Artists
Fandom: Supernatural

3) Bust a Move by brynspikess
Song: Bust a Move by The Cast of Glee
WinCon Premiere!
Fandom: Young Hercules

4) Love Shack by ash48
Song: Love Shack by The B-52s
Fandom: Supernatural

5) Mad Shit by ravenholdt
Song: Punk Bitch by 3OH!3
Fandom: Stargate SG-1

6) So Far So Good by brynspikess
Song: So Far So Good by Thornley
Fandom: Roswell

7) Glittering Clouds (Locusts) by lithiumdoll (halcyon_shift)
Song: Glittering Clouds (Locusts) by Imogen Heap
Fandom: Supernatural

8) The Wrong Side by kijikun
Song: The Wrong Side by Abney Park
Fandom: Wolverine Origins

9) For the Restless by lithiumdoll (halcyon_shift)
Song: For the Restless by Tom McRae
Fandom: Brick

10) Who We Are by agt_spooky
Song: Who We Are by Lifehouse
WinCon Premiere!
Fandom: Supernatural

11) Dude by ravenholdt
Song: Dude by Tenacious D
Fandom: Stargate SG-1

12) I Will Be Your Friend by agt_spooky
Song: I Will Be Your Friend by Amy Grant
Fandom: Multifandom

13) Brick House by deirdre_c
Song: Brick House by The Commodores
Fandom: Supernatural

14) One Girl Revolution by arefadedaway
Song: One Girl Revolution by Superchick
Fandom: Multifandom

In addition to the individual links, I've got a DVD folder or the 3.1gb ISO file available for DL if you’d like to see the show in toto.

First, I compressed the DVD folder down as a single 1.3gb file for you to grab in one fell swoop, but I also split the ISO file into four uncompressed parts in case your technology doesn’t play well with really big .RAR files. All are loaded on ADrive, and are easily reactivated if you find the files have expired – just comment and I’ll re-share. If you'd like to burn your own DVD of the complete vid show, this is the only way to get it. See below the cut for directions.

WinCon 5 Vid Show - Full 3.1gb DVD folder

WinCon5 Vid Show.rar (1.3gb)

1) For the large file, I zipped up the actual DVD FOLDER, instead of the actual ISO file. First step: Download the .RAR file.

NOTE: ADrive sometimes insists that it's the only thing running in your browser. If this happens and you want to *do things* while the DL is running, you may want to launch multiple browsers - one for ADrive (like, say Firefox) and the other (IE or Safari) for your other stuff. Or vice-versa.

2) If you don't already have the free software, download and install the appropriate decompression program. You will need something similar to WinRAR if you use a PC, or Stuffit Expander if you use a Mac.

3) After downloading, you need to:

a) Create a folder called DVD (or whatever you’d like to call it)

b) Create a new subfolder within the DVD folder called AUDIO_TS (name must be exact). Leave this folder empty.

c) Create a second new subfolder within the DVD folder called VIDEO_TS (name must be exact)

d) Copy the WC5.rar file into the new \\DVD\VIDEO_TS folder

4) Launch WinRar or Stuffit and expand the .RAR file within the \\DVD\VIDEO_TS folder. It will expand into 59 files, totaling 3.1gb

5) View the Vid Show by double-clicking the file called VIDEO_TS.ifo within the \\DVD\VIDEO_TS folder.

6) If you wish to burn it to a DVD to carry around, you should be able copy the entire contents of the \\DVD\ folder to the DVD-R (making sure you’ve grabbed both the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders to burn to disc).

As an alternative, the 3.1gb ISO file split into four parts may be found here:

WinCon VidShow5 DVD.iso.001 (850mb)

WinCon VidShow5 DVD.iso.002 (850mb)

WinCon VidShow5 DVD.iso.003 (850mb)

WinCon VidShow5 DVD.iso.004 (481mb)

1) Download all four files, saving them to the same directory.
Due to the very large file size (and ADrive's sometimes slow speeds), each file may take 4 hours or longer. You may want to grab them overnight. I recommend disabling your screensaver and any power saving settings (especially for PCs) first. Then just start the download, turn off your monitor and step away.

NOTE: Again, since ADrive sometimes insists that it's the only thing running in your browser, you may want to launch multiple browsers - one for ADrive (like, say Firefox) and the other (IE or Safari) for your other stuff so you can do things during the DL.

2) If you don't already have the free software, download and install the appropriate joining program. You will need something similar to HJSplit if you use a PC, or Split&Concat or ChunkJoiner if you use a Mac. I’ve found that HJSplit Standard is a bit more reliable than HJ Split Pro.

3) Launch HJSplit or Split&Concat or ChunkJoiner.

4) Set the software to JOIN, and select the first file (WinCon VidShow5 DVD.iso.001).
The program will automatically knit all four pieces together, forming a 3.1gb file called "WinCon VidShow5 DVD.iso"

5) Launch your DVD burning software
Choose the option to "Burn a Disc Image" or "Image File," and then select the "WinCon VidShow5 DVD.iso" file.

6) Burn the file to a DVD-R.

The DVD should play on computers as well as standard DVD players that can read your media type. There were no video or audio glitches when I tested my disc at home, but machines are sometimes temperamental (as I experienced at Con this year). Hopefully, everything will work fine with yours.

Tags: 2011-new orleans, vid show
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