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Wincon is GREAT!

Once upon a time (five years ago) I was new to the Supernatural fandom and in a cranky place in my life. I wanted to do something unexpected...so on an impulse I signed up for the first ever Wincon in Nashville, Tn. Now - I knew exactly one person going in and we had only met once - basically I was jumping into a sea of strangers!

From literally the first minute I arrived at the hotel, the seeding of great friendships began. :) I had the BEST time and pretty much signed up as a volunteer for the next con before checking OUT of the hotel.

People - I was in love.

Since that first Wincon I have been running the charity raffle and doing other committee type things, panels, etc. for each subsequent Wincon. It's literally one of the things I look forward to each year and it never fails to amuse me how we're all EXHAUSTED and HARRIED and still, on the last night, the committee is getting together to start planning for next year. ;) That's love man!

Seriously, Wincon is amazing fun. It's basically a fangirl sleepover, with smart and fun panels, raffles, a PROM and shenanigans both planned and spontaneous. And this year it's in New Orleans! The birthplace of shenanigans! It's a chance to see old friends, meet new ones (and you always do) and laugh until you lose your voice. (Concrud - it's a badge of honor.)

While Wincon started as a Supernatural fan gathering, it's evolved into multi-fandoms; you may come with one set of fannish interests but I guarantee you will leave with at least one more. Pimping over breakfast is an honored tradition.

What else? Viewing parties, a vid show, AWESOME THINGS I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER. Yes, it's really that good.

COME ALONG FOR THE FUN! I promise, you will have a great time.

Do you have a Wincon memory to share? http://wincon.livejournal.com/36458.html - Sign up here to tell us all about it! :)
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