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You've heard it a hundred times already -- the best part about WinCon is the people. It's spending time with folks you love. It's putting faces to names you talk to every day. It's meeting new friends you've not known before. It's meeting someone who annoys you online only to find out they are a superstar in real life.

So, let's bring that friendship and love online too. For awhile now, I've been wanting to host a WinCon friending meme, and so, HERE WE ARE. And HEY! Boosting the squee content and mutual-love in the LJ world sounds good to me too.

First, post a comment about yourself. Then, check back and see who else has posted. Comment to new people! Start conversations! Friend people! It's all for fun! And who knows? Maybe you'll find your future BFF/roommate/drinking buddy out in the crowd.

Here's a handy template, the better for everyone to stalk you get to know you (feel free to fill out all or just parts or to add your own ideas):

  • Hi! I'm (username)!
  • Likes: (fandoms, characters, genres, interests, cocktails, etc.)
  • Dislikes: (ideas, genres, pet peeves, injustices, etc.)
  • Why are you part of the wincon community?
  • If I was trapped on a desert island with only one fic to read forever, it would be:
  • This year at WinCon, I am most looking forward to:
  • I have a secret. *leans in close* I--___. (In other words, something you'd just like to say.)

    OK, GO!

    This only works if you guys play along, so spread the word, yeah?

    P.S. If you want to know more about WinCon, including how to register, please go here.

    P.P.S. If there's a problem, just PM me and I'll squash it.

    P.P.P.S. Jared Padalecki's dimples are too a real fandom. Thank you.

    ETA: You do NOT have to be attending Wincon to play! This is open to anyone and everyone!
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