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Why Should I Go To WinCon?

Sorry this is late. Router died last night.

WinCon has an energy all its own and what you do with it is entirely up to you.

Are you the kind of person who likes to get involved? Don’t be shy! Or be shy – I know the people running this thing and I swear, most of them are far shyer then you could ever be. They’re also always desperately in need of volunteers and genuinely grateful to anyone willing to help. Approach one – they’re very approachable and seemingly everywhere at once. Ask how you can help. You could end up running a panel or running to the store to buy socks (those sock puppets don’t just make themselves).

Whatever you end up doing you’ll have fun because you’ll be doing it with fun, friendly, sometimes frenetic people who love fandom as much as you do.

Would you rather just go along for the ride? Then go. Someone somewhere is planning something – an outing to visit local sites, a mass viewing of Glee or a gang tattooing – and you’re invited! Do you go through life looking at the most mundane things and laughing out loud because you’re suddenly reminded of something Sam said or something Dean did? It’s a lot more fun when the person standing next to you gets the joke too.

Would you rather just sit quietly in the corner and keep to yourself? That’s okay. Walk through any public space and you’ll see clusters of fangirls huddled behind their laptops reading LiveJournal or Twittering their hearts out. Even solitary activities can feel like a group experience at WinCon.

Just walking down the hall is like scrolling through your Friends List. You catch snatches of conversation about Chad Michael Murray or Jeffrey Dean Morgan, you see badges with names you recognize and someone you’ve never met will come up and say, “Hey! I know you.”

At WinCon, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You stagger downstairs, find a table and lovingly cradle your first cup of coffee. Next thing you know another bleary-eyed fangirl will pull up a chair and join you – and then another… and another. Soon you and a half dozen of your new best friends are laughing and plotting crack!fic over scrambled eggs and you wonder why every day can’t start like this.

Just beware! Stray fandoms will follow you home and you get to keep them.

Some of the best times you can have at WinCon are the totally random, chance encounters that turn into long conversations and lasting friendships, but the planned activities are pretty damn cool too.

Even if you’ve been to other cons, the panels at WinCon are unlike any others. They’re funny, chatty conversation-starters that will keep you debating the merits of sparkly vampires and John Winchester’s parenting skills all weekend long.

Imagine your parents are away for the weekend and 100 friends drop by to party in your basement – that’s Win Prom.

Fic Idol defies description. But I promise you have never laughed so hard while being completely traumatized by intentionally bad fic and sex with dolphins. It is not to be missed.

The reasons to go to WinCon are endless and this year WinCon is in New Orleans. Can you think of a better reason to go?

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!
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