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Wincon Pre-Wrap-Up Wrap-Up

Eleven months of boredom, and sober working days
All the fangirls mope at home, no place to run and play
But the summer time running out, and the fans grow less forlorn
Because even though we love our homes, we really need our porn

Congratulations, you're going to have this song stuck in your head all day. You're welcome.

Have you ever seen one of those late 80s sitcoms where one of the main characters walks into a bar and everyone looks up, waves, and then turns back to what they were doing. The bartender walks up and starts asking about the kids or medical issues or whatever the issue of the episode is? Then, seemingly randomly, someone will overhear the tribulations of Main Character and relate an amusing anecdote or bit of advice that solves the whole mess. Overall, even if you don't watch regularly, you get the feeling that there's a sorority about the place, and even someone who's new will be welcomed with open arms and someone with alcohol saying, "We'll just get you settled right in, Sugar."

That's Wincon. Possibly with less alcohol.

Back in the olden days (2008 AD), I went to my first Wincon in Baltimore and successfully managed to avoid 95% of the panels. I think I did the Tin Hat parade and karaoke. See, I wasn't really in SPN fandom. I'm still not. I got badgered into mainlining the episodes (show good!), but I wasn't reading fic or any of it. When Wincon was sold to me, it was as, "Dude, I haven't seen you in years, buy a ticket and we'll meet up in Baltimore for alcohol and porn!"

As you may know, alcohol and porn are my major weaknesses. I'm like one of the villains in the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons. "Porn? Porn! Pornpornporn WHISKEY. Heheheh." I will get caught in that henhouse every time.

My first Wincon I was pretty iffy, because I was sure I wouldn't care about the panels. And lo, I was right! It's gotten much better since we went panfandom last year, but even if you're not into fanart, vids, writing, plushies, comics, horror or whatever else is going in, there is always always always something else to do, and the non-traditional panels are always worth it anyway. If you're not up for Tinhats, watching is always fun, and if you didn't write a bad fic for Idol go ahead and bring your flask in order to laugh along. Panels are often great, but they're not the reason, so don't be worried if there's nothing that tickles you. (Though now that we've gone pan, it's much less likely, IMO.)

Everyone says that Wincon is about the fans, and it is. It really, really is. It's in getting up at 3AM because you can't sleep and lugging your laptop down to the lobby because you are guaranteed company. You may not know them, or even do more than wave, but they're there. It's being terrified of needles and still going to get your first tattoo (which was not as big a deal as you'd thought), and then your second at another Wincon because you've developed an ink kink. It's pulling yourself from a pile of fangirls and staggering downstairs for coffee, only to go back to your pile of fangirls right after because your panel doesn't start for two hours and you're sleepy damn it.

Wincon is our corner bar. It's almost impossible to walk away without having expanded your flist or circle, and if you have a twitter you're likely to be spammed for days with cries of "I MISS WINCON ALREADY" coming from the airport.

That's okay. You'll be crying too.

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