Vel'ithya Tevriel (velithya) wrote in wincon,
Vel'ithya Tevriel

Thinking about Wincon?

My first Wincon was 2007. I walked into the con having previously met (in person) three other people, and walked out with a 50% increase in my friendslist. I've been to wincon every year since then, and walking into the hotel is like coming home.

It starts in the airport, where you scope out everyone else arriving and standing around the baggage carousels, trying to guess if there are any fangirls or if you see anyone you recognise. Then when you get to the hotel, there are already fangirls in the lobby, hanging out, on their laptops, chatting in the bar. You might not know any of them - but there's a big "yet" on the end of that sentence, because as others before me have said, wherever Wincon started (AMAZING), and wherever it is now (STILL AMAZING), underneath all the fandoms and panels, it's a con for us, and the friendships you've made and the friendships you've yet to make are the backbone of what makes Wincon so special.

It's tough to squee in a vaccuum, but it's easy to squee with friends. You don't have to be a big drinker, or even a drinker at all! (I know everyone says this, but I can say it with authority because I don't drink. You don't have to drink at Wincon! It's still just as fun.) You don't have to be a writer, or a vidder, or a fanartist; you don't have to be a thinky meta-type; you don't even have to live in the USA! You can just be yourself, because everyone's welcome at Wincon.

There's only one bad thing about Wincon, and that's saying goodbye when it's over for another year.

But that's okay; you go home with a camera full of memories and a friendslist full of new friends. And a calendar countdown to the next year!

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