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good times in the Big Easy

I’ve not been to New Orleans before but it looks like such an amazing place, with tons of opportunities for exploration. Have a great idea for something to do in New Orleans? Please feel free to organize it and let everyone else know by posting about it here. (Just to be clear, the con committee coordinates what happens inside the hotel, if you want to do a field trip outside…it’s your baby. Though if there are beignets involved, I’ll be tempted to tag along!)

New Orleans is a city full of history and things to explore. I know there will be people at Wincon who are interested in architecture, music, ghost tours, food, tattoos, theater, museums…pretty much if it’s an activity you’re interested in, probably someone else is too. As the saying goes, if you plan it, they will come.

Here are some resources to use as you plan:

  • Official New Orleans Tourism Web Site
  • Things to Do in New Orleans
  • Calendar of Events
  • 100 great places to eat in New Orleans
  • New Orleans Booze Tour
  • New Orleans on Wikipedia

    And if you know are knowledgeable about NOLA and there is some cannot-be-missed activity you know about? Share with the class!

    Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!!
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