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Wincon needs YOU!!

Hey Winconners! FOURTEEN MORE DAYS!! Can you believe it FINALLY is almost time for fangirl good times?

I say this every year, but it's really true -- one of my most favorite parts of every Wincon is working the registration table. No, no, really! I'm totally serious. Stick with me here for a second.

I love getting to hug people the second they walk in the door. I love getting to match names and faces. I love getting to meet people I've fangirled online but never met in-person. I love getting to squee all over old friends that I only see once a year. When I didn't know anyone in fandom, this is how I met people. I love getting to participate in making the con happen. I like being involved.

And now, you guessed it, I'm recruiting volunteers for both registration and to hang out in the Roadhouse. Are you interested? Just comment below for an hour or two (or three or four) and I'll add you to the masterlist. We need two people per slot, please.

These are easy and fun jobs. At registration, volunteers will check people in, give them their con packets, and love on the fangirls. You'll have lots of help and support, and truly 90 percent of all questions can be answered with either "The alcohol is in the con suite" or "You'll have to ask someone on the con comm."


4 p.m.: wendy, gestaltrose

5 p.m.: wendy, gestaltrose

6 p.m.: wendy, locknkey

7 p.m.: wendy, locknkey


10 a.m.: wendy, cee_m

11 a.m.: cee_m, mistyzeo

noon: cee_m, gestaltrose

1 p.m.: shadowc44, beckaandzac

2 p.m.: shadowc44, tsuki_no_bara

3 p.m.: celtic_cookie, sophie_448

4 p.m.: cherie_morte, wutendeskind

5 p.m.: lesson_in_love, wutendeskind

6 p.m.: lesson_in_love

AND THEN!! We have an awesome space we call the Roadhouse (Supernatural throwback, hollah!), where people can congregate, hang out, drink, grab a snack, look at auction items, whatever floats your boat...it's probably happening in the Roadhouse.

Volunteers will need to give directions, make people feel welcome and hang out with fangirls. Sounds great, right? BECAUSE IT IS!! We will have some additional activities happening in the Roadhouse this year but I'll post more about that once the schedule goes live. So stay tuned!! But in the meantime? Sign up to volunteer!!


Noon: lingeringdreams

1 p.m.: errant_jane, itsthedetails

2 p.m.: aggybird, beadslut

3 p.m.: gestaltrose, wutendeskind

4 p.m.: tsuki_no_bara, beckaandzac

5 p.m.: vorpalblades, mistyzeo

6 p.m.:

7 p.m.: waterofthemoon, tsukinofaerii


Noon: gestaltrose, locknkey

1 p.m.: gestaltrose, scarlett_o

2 p.m.: nickelmountain, scarlett_o

3 p.m.: sistabro, shadowc44

4 p.m.: shadowc44

5 p.m.:

6 p.m.: scary_lullabies, chaneen

7 p.m.:


Noon: colls

1 p.m.: colls, desertport

2 p.m.: celtic_forest, desertport

3 p.m.: gestaltrose, celtic_forest

4 p.m.: gestaltrose

Please note: The committee will be checking in both places very frequently, and all volunteers will have my cell phone number. You will never be alone or without back up! So come on and volunteer..it's good times y'all. You know you wanna!

GET READY. GET EXCITED. GET PACKED -- 'cause it's almost time for the very best kind of fun-- fangirl fun. YES.
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