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Ghost Tour Sign-Up Post

ETA: We have 28 people, so we've met our cap for the tour! If you want to be put on the waiting list in case someone cancels, feel free to comment, but obviously there are no guarantees.

Sorry for the delay, guys, I just wanted to get all of the info straightened out before I posted this.

I've reserved the Ghosts & Vampires Tour through French Quarter Phantoms, for 8pm on Friday, October 14th.  It's a private tour that runs for an hour and 40 minutes, and the walking distance is just under one mile, with a break in the middle of the tour to rest, use the bathroom, and/or get a drink.  It leaves from Flanagan's Pub, which is at 625 St Phillip Street.  If there are 20 or more of us, it will be $17/person (a couple of dollars more if our numbers are less than 20), The cost is $17/person, and you can pay the tour guide directly, so you don't have to worry about paying me in advance!  I do request that you bring a couple of bucks for a tip for the guide, because it's nice and we want to leave them with a good impression of us. [ETA]Apparently, they take credit cards at their box office, so you can pay them with cash or a card![/ETA]

The tour will be capped at 28 people, since that's the maximum for one tour guide, and I could only guarantee us one guide.

If you want to drink on the tour (this is NOLA, right? :D), Flanagan's Pub runs a 2-for-1 hurricanes special for people taking these tours, and you can carry your drink around with you.

If people are interested, the tour company owner recommended Flanagan's Pub as a good place for dinner (local cuisine, and pretty cheap at less than $10 for most entrees)  We probably want to eat beforehand, which would mean getting there about 90 minutes before the tour starts.  If the panel times for Friday are the same as last year, programming was over at 5pm, so this is totally do-able!

As far as transportation goes, I am working with a shuttle company to get us a shuttle from the hotel to the French Quarter.  I'll talk to the guy tomorrow to reserve the van(s), and find out exactly what they have available and how much it will cost.  The estimated cost is about $5-6 per person each way.  I'll edit this post with that info once I know it.

[ETA:] Just finalized the cost for the shuttle: $8/person each way. [/ETA:]

If you'd like to come, just comment on this post.  Let me know if you want to go to dinner (whether it's with the rest of the tour group or not), or if you'd prefer to go straight from the hotel to the tour.  If you want to do dinner, the group would meet in the lobby at 5:45pm and take the shuttle in at 6:00pm.  If you'd rather just do the tour, the group would meet at 7:15pm and take the shuttle in at 7:30pm.  I'd like to go to Cafe Du Monde after the tour is over for beignets (OMG, SO GOOD), so if people want to do that as well, let me know!

Also, as I mentioned in my other post, this tour is not just available for Wincon goers. If you guys have friends in the New Orleans area (fannish or otherwise) that wouldn't mind going on a tour with a bunch of fans, please link them to this!

Any questions or comments, please let me know!

ETA: FYI, to make it easier on everyone, we're going to be picked up from Cafe Du Monde after the tour is over, since it's only a few blocks from Flanagan's. We can do a couple of trips back, so people who want to stick around for beignets can do so, and people who don't want to can go back in the first group!
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