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Wincon 2011 Schedule

Here is the schedule for Wincon 2011!

If you are interested in being on any of the panels, please contact the Wincon comm at winconhq @ omgwincon(dot)com and put “panel request” in the heading. First come first serve! We generally need two - three people on each panel.

If you are interested in Pimp Your Fandom, please email winconhq @ omgwincon(dot)com and put specify you would like ten minutes for this panel!

Have you signed up for Registration or Roadhouse duty?! http://wincon.livejournal.com/42707.html - go here!

More coming in the next few days…we’re excited – are you excited?!

Friday October 14th
• 10am-9pm: Check-in (Let us know you're here and what room you're in. Pick up your schwag.)
• 12pm-12:50pm: Opening Ceremonies
• 1pm-1:50pm: Men/Women in Uniform Host: Wutendeskind
• 2pm-2:50pm: Comics Fandom/Marvel Universe
• 3pm-3:50pm: Fan Art – All mediums welcome for discussion – including what’s next in fannish media.
• 4pm-4:50pm: How to host a Challenge/Community/Kink Meme: Lazydaze and Wendy
• 5pm-5:50pm: Replay 10/7 Episode of Supernatural in the Roadhouse. Host: tenaciousmetoo
• 6pm-7pm: Sixth Annual Wincon Vid Show. Host: tenaciousmetoo
• Supplementary Field Trips – these are hosted by fellow fangirls. Please check the links below for more information.

Plan-Your-Own Field Trip

Friday, Oct 14
2:00-10:30pm Myrtle's Plantation Mystery Tour
$125/person, includes transportation and dinner

8:00-10:00pm French Quarter Phantoms (Ghost Tour)
Shuttle to the Quarter ($5-6). Dinner prior to 8pm tour. May go to Café du Monde afterward (not included)

• 12pm-10pm: Wincon Roadhouse. Comp drinks and snacks abound! Vid show replay and episode marathons will be happening throughout the weekend at the roadhouse this year. A separate schedule of events for this room will be posted closer to the con.

Saturday October 15th
• 9am-2pm: Check-in
• 10am-10:50am: Tin Hat Craft Time at the Roadhouse. Enjoy this timeless tradition of bits, bobs and shiny things while celebrating The Truth That Must Not Be Spoken but should have fic written about it.
• 10am-10:50am: My Little Pony Panel: Cathybites
• 11am-11:50am: LAWYERS – there’s just something about those suits…: Affectingly
• 12pm-2:00pm: Pimp Your Fandom! Do you feel the need to open the hearts and minds of fan girls to your fandom? Do you have the tools? The guts? Then sign up here for a ten minute pitch to dazzle and initiate the audience to your flavor of the day/month/year/decade. Props encouraged.
• 2pm-2:50pm: Writing Beyond Trope: Poly, Kink and Beyond: Tjournal and Elizah_Jane
• 3pm-3:50pm: Romance Panel: What do bodice-ripping highlanders, arranged marriages, and werewolf/vampire/shapeshifting soulmates have in common? Romance, of course! Be it fanfic or pro, het or slash, what makes for good romance? Tropes we love, hate, and hate to love, so long as everyone lives happily ever after. Hosts: Elizah_Jane, Aggybird and clex_monkie89
• 4pm-5:50pm: International Bad Fic Idol. Be prepared to laugh yourself to death as we read the crackiest of crack fic known to fandom, then judge it. Not that we're judgmental or anything. Well, maybe the mental part. Hosts: Sparkymonster, Celebrity Judges to Be Announced.
• 12pm-9pm: Wincon Roadhouse. Comp drinks and snacks abound! Vid show replay and episode marathons will be happening throughout the weekend at the roadhouse this year. A separate schedule of events for this room will be posted closer to the con.
• 8pm-Midnight: WINPROM – Theme: Under the Sea. The power of Cthulhu compels you to eat, drink and dance with your fellow fangirls! Costumes welcome but not mandatory. The raffle will take place during the prom and you must be present to win, so if you have to come downstairs in your jammies to be there, we won't mind!

Sunday October 16th
• 10am – 10:50am: Writing Workshop #2 – From Fic To Publication. Can you make the jump from fic to pro writing? What are the differences between the two? What’s the first step? Hear from those who have made the jump and those in the process. All levels of writers and interest are welcome. Hosts: Tjournal and Elizah_Jane
• 11am-11:50am: Internet panel – navigating fandom on the internet. Host: Affectingly
• 12pm-12:50pm: Closing Ceremonies
• 12pm-11pm: Wincon Roadhouse. The Roadhouse will become our departure point on Sunday. Need a place to park your bags while you wait for your shuttle? This is the place. Come say your goodbyes and search the lost and found for your missing undergarments.
• 6pm-9pm: Straggler's Dinner
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