Elizah Jane (errant_jane) wrote in wincon,
Elizah Jane

Who was I talking to about that thing in the place?

The first few days back after Wincon is always the worst. Already things are starting to bleed together and the need to sleep outweighs all my good intentions to write a detailed con report. Promises were made to send links to all kinds of things, and now I have no idea who I promised to send what.

In the spirit of this, I want to have this post be a Wincon Missed Connections post. So, say you were talking to someone in the Roadhouse about that awesome 83 part Space Ninja Pirate Sherlock fic where they go on a mission to rescue unicorns, but you couldn't remember the author – post the link in the comments!

Or maybe someone was telling you about that book with the wolves – You know the one – but you never got her lj name. Drop the request here!

Sharing is caring and friendship is magic! Is it next October yet?

* For those of you who attended the Romance Panel, we will have a separate post up for those recs/links specifically so that you can hunt down your very own copy of "Pregnesia", in case you were worried...
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