K.I.T., your clitoris (aggybird) wrote in wincon,
K.I.T., your clitoris


Thanks to all you romance lovin' fools who stumbled into the Romance Panel at Wincon and didn't leave when you realized you had, in fact, stumbled into the Romance Panel at Wincon.

For those of you waiting for Pregnesia, here is the amazing Smart Bitches, Trashy Books review that convinced me that I needed to read it. Trust me, you need this terrible wonderful book in your life. Also, I'm sorry to everyone forced to endure my dramatic reading of this title in the Roadhouse. (Wait a minute, NO I'M NOT. IT'S MOTHERFLIPPIN' PREGNESIA.)

During the Romance Panel, we talked about a lot of really delightful romances, so let's use this post as an opportunity to comment and rec ALL THE ROMANCE. Don't be shy. Seriously, I read Pregnesia. I have no shame anymore.
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