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Contact Info!

We'll be adding this to the userinfo shortly, but we wanted to do a quick post to remind everyone where they can find Wincon in all corners of the wide web and/or how to contact us! It's important for Wincon to be visible throughout the year in all the places fangirls play because even though there are many of you who would never miss a Wincon, there are some people who have never been before (gasp!) or who haven't gone in a few years for all kinds of different reasons. We want them to see how great Wincon is and come and have as great a time as the rest of us do so that Wincon can live foreverrrrr. (We are totally surviving the zombie apocalypse y'all. Ain't no one resourceful like fangirls.)

First, contact emails:

Main E-Mail:
Raffle E-Mail:
Vids E-Mail:
Amber's E-Mail:

Also, the entire con comm has access to the main e-mail, so if you ever have question or an idea or a comment... whatever! Our virtual doors are always open.

Second, here are all the great places you should come follow us on the internet (seriously, the TUMBLR is getting really awesome, you guys):

Twitter: Wincon!/wincon
Tumblr: Wincon

And the website is getting a facelift by the end of the year. We've got a team hard at work on it and we're super excited by the ideas being bandied about (including a brand new registration system, yay!) and our very own tenaciousmetoo will be updating it regularly with stuff about the upcoming year's wincon and all kinds of other goodies.

SO! Come stalk us on the internet. Isn't that what all this great web 2.0 stuff is for?
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