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live...from my living room!

You guuuyyysss! This Friday night around 8 p.m. CST, we're going to hold the first ever wincon chat. The purpose is to meet some new people, connect with old people, ask questions, flail in real time, write fic for me on demand, whatever you want!

I think it will be loads of fun and I want you (YES YOU) to join us. Whether you are a wincon veteran, or someone who never has attended, ever...we still want you to come play!

The chat will take place via the Wincon web site, and I'll post a direct link Friday night. You don't need any software or programs, you just type in your username and start talking.

Myself, affectingly and beckaandzac will be together (probably drinking in my living room), so come see what shenanigans we all can get up to virtually. Also, we will have visited the Dallas wincon hotel on Friday so we'll update with any news or pictures, etc. then too.

Please put this on your calendars, I cannot WAIT to have some time with you all, virtual or otherwise!!

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