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Ghost Tour Information and Sign-Up Post!

Hello fellow winconners; it's Ghost Tour time again!  Unlike previous years, I am not going to be making a bazillion posts about this; this will be the information and sign-up post for the tour, and there will be a second post later on for the pre-tour dinner.  We have a great tour company lined up this year, Ghost Tours of Dallas, which is located within walking distance of the hotel (less than half a mile!).  The tour is on Friday, October 19th at 10pm and will run for approximately two hours.  The first hour and ~15 minutes is your standard walking tour (six blocks out and six blocks back with frequent stops where people can sit or lean against things while the guide talks, but no real break); the last portion of the tour takes us inside the old West End Marketplace for some exploration of an actual "haunted" location (IDK if it's really haunted, but it sounds pretty cool nonetheless!).

The cost is $19.49 per person, and you can pay with cash or a credit card at the door.  ETA: If you'd like to pay for your ticket in advance, all you need to do is email Joe (the owner of the tour company) at ghosts@dallashaunt.com with "Wincon Reservation" in the subject line.  Just let him know you're with this group (Friday, October 19th at 10pm) and you want to pay in advance, and give him a phone number where he can contact you, and he'll call you and take payment over the phone.  If you do this, please indicate that in your comment to this post, so that I can keep track of that info.

Please also make sure you also bring a couple of dollars in cash with which to tip the guide.  If it's anything like previous years' tours, this is going to be a really fun night, and we want to reward our guide for being awesome.  You can certainly bring more, but we should all be prepared to give the guide at least a little money for his or her time.

Unlike previous years, there is no cap for number of attendees.  The tour company is willing to work with a large group, and split us up between multiple guides if necessary.  So, anyone who wants to come, can come!  If you know any Dallas-area people you want to invite who are not going to be at Wincon, point them to this post!

As in previous years, we're going to go for dinner before the tour, so if you want to do that, we'll tentatively meet in the lobby at 7:30pm, which will allow us plenty of time to get to the restaurant and eat before the tour.  As I mentioned, I'm going to make a second post for dinner sign-up once I have more information (and this will have a finalized time, too), but if anyone has any suggestions for restaurants in the area (preferably within walking distance of the hotel), let me know!  The tour company also does a deal called Fright & Bite, which offers reduced menu options for a few restaurants in the area at a ~20% discount.  IMO, the only one of these places that sounds feasible is the Hard Rock Cafe, because they have vegetarian options, not just meat dishes.  I'm trying to find out if there's any flexibility in the menu options for vegetarians/vegans/gluten-free, and will update this post once I have more information.  But other restaurant recommendations would be most appreciated, especially something that would be a better indication of the local cuisine than the Hard Rock.

If you're just going to do the tour and not have dinner with the group, you will be meeting in the lobby around 9:15pm to walk over to the tour company's office/tour starting point.  This will give everyone enough time to get there and pay before the tour starts at 10pm.  I'm going to need to exchange numbers with someone who is in this group, so that you can let me know when you're leaving/how many of you there ends up being.  That way, I can give them an idea of how many more people will be arriving, and y'all can contact me if you get delayed or whatever.  So, if you're definitely going to be in this group, let me know if you're willing to exchange contact info with me, and we can work something out at some point.

Okay, to sign up for the tour, just leave a comment below! Let me know if you're a definite yes, or just a maybe, so I can give them an approximate idea of the number we're going to end up having.  Sign-up deadline is Saturday, October 13th by 3pm EDT so I can tell the tour company what our group size will be far enough in advance for them to plan for us.  However, since there's no cap, there is more flexibility, and I'll most likely allow last-minute sign-ups, but if you want to go, I would make sure to sign up by the 13th so you're guaranteed a spot.  Also, let me know if you want to do dinner.

Any questions or comments, please let me know!

ETA: SIGNUPS ARE CLOSED! You are welcome message me or come see me at the con if you decide at the last minute that you want to go, and I'll certainly see what I can do, but at this point there are no guarantees.
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