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THE SCHEDULE! + What are you doing Thursday Morning?

Hey, y'all! Can you believe it? Just a couple more weeks and I'll be seeing your faces in person! I AM SO EXCITED! AHHHHH!

We have the final* schedule up, and for your convenience, I'm going to post it here, plus a link to print the .xls versions. It'll be in the program book, obviously, but I know how y'all like to plan ahead.

*Of course, sometimes we do have to make last minute changes and additions, but we will try our best to stick to this one!





Print here!

+ You may notice the outing planned for Thursday morning.

Here's the description on our website:

Activity Organizers: The Wincon Con Committee
Contact E-mail:
Description: This year, on Thursday morning, the Wincon Con Committee will be hosting a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium, followed by lunch at TGI Friday’s. This field trip is not included in the price of your registration, but we would love to see everyone there! We will visit the aquarium from 10AM-1PM and then get lunch from 1PM-2:30PM. You are welcome to join us for either/both portions of the activity.
When/Where to Meet: We will be meeting in the lobby between 9:15AM-9:30AM and departing by 9:45 AM.
Cost: Aquarium tickets are available at a group rate of $16.95 + tax, and the restaurant’s entrees range from $10-$20.
Transportation: The aquarium is within range of the complimentary hotel shuttle and is only 0.2 miles NW of the hotel, so some may choose to walk (it’s about a five minute trek). We will walk from the aquarium to the restaurant (another 4-5 minutes), and then you can choose to either walk back to the hotel (another 5 minutes) or take the hotel shuttle. It’s a nice area of town with big sidewalks, so there should be no problems.
RSVP: You are not required to RSVP for this activity and there is no space limit, but we would love to hear from you if you’re planning to attend, just so we can get a general sense of what to expect. Give us a comment below if you know for sure you're going. We can’t wait to see you there!

The group rate is only available if we have 15 people going. There's 6 of us in the Con Committee, so we need 9 more people at least. In addition, in order to *get* the group rate, we have to pay in cash, so please bring cash with you for this event!
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