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Thursday After Lunch - Dallas Museum of Art

An outing is planned for the Dallas Museum of Art on Thursday. Tickets are $10 or if we get a group of ten or more we may be able to get the $8 rate (I am waiting to hear back from the museum on their deadline for a group booking).

- Plan to meet at the main entrance at 2:30 p.m. That allows 2.5 hours until the fangirl mixer if you plan on attending. The museum is located at 1717 n harwood st, dallas, tx

- The Museum is .9 miles from the hotel and within shuttle distance or about a ten minute walk.

- If you are going on the aquarium outing, after lunch we (me, desertport & wave_obscura will be heading to the museum on foot and will meet anyone coming from other locations at the main entrance.

- Tickets also include live jazz in the Atrium (6-8) and join us for a casual dinner and cocktails in the Cafe. (I will be asking if visitors get in and out privileges on the same day.) Menu

- I can be reached by e-mail at loolookittydee @

- I visited the museum almost twenty years ago and they had an amazing collection then. i have always wanted to go back. If youare an art lover or even casually interested, i highly recommend checking it out. :)
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