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That Chick with the Evil Laugh

Fairy Tales Redux: Images of Reimagined Disney Princesses

Hello all. There is a visual part of the panel which we won't be able to fit into the hour slot. tsuki_no_bara pulled together some examples of how visual artists have re-imagined and reinterpreted Disney versions of fairy tales. There are many examples of artists re-imagining fairy tales and folk tales. We started we these because Disney is such a common reference point.

Twisted Princesses:

Disney Heroes (Pin-up series):

"Fashion" Princesses/Modern High School: and

Disney Fighters (10 pictures):

Villain Portraits (6 pictures):

I wanted to add three more:
Disney princesses in historically accurate costumes:

Snow White re-imagined during the Heian Era in Japan

The 1997 movie of Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Cinderella" starring Brandy and Whitney Houston: and screen caps at

If you have other faves, please post in comments.
Tags: fairy tales, wincon 2012
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