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Podfic Listening Party Playlist + Recs

Thanks to everyone who came to the Podfic Listening Party on Saturday! We were up against some stiff competition overlapping with the Teen Wolf panel, but I had a lovely time listening with fellow podfic fangirls, and I hope you did, too.

My idea was to put together a collection of short podfics that each represent a different aspect of podfic fandom. This playlist includes podfics in the following categories: fandoms big and small; an (admittedly small) variety of accents; gen, het, slash, and femslash; general audiences, teen and up, and explicit; gut-bustingly funny and heart-achingly sad; with sound effects and without, and even one with a reader's note attached. It also includes voices that you see all over podfic fandom, and voices that you might not recognize if the reader is more monofannish. I wanted to try to represent podfic's exceptional range and creative potential. I don't personally know all these fandoms well, but I adore every single one of these podfics.

The official playlist:

[SPN] Cafetiere a piston
Reader:twasadark || Author: july_july_july
text || audio links

[Bandom] In a Barbie World
Reader: reena_jenkins || Author: coreopsis
text || audio links

[The Good Wife] This Is Why
Reader: podklb || Author: smilingsoprano
text || audio links

[Teen Wolf] Comforter
Reader: chinawolf || Author: [personal profile] dira
text || audio links

[Firefly] It's the Heart in the Latin
Reader: nickelmountain || Author: [personal profile] elleth
text || audio links

[Inspector Spacetime] An OK Man Kinda Sorta Tries to Battle
Reader: cantarina1 || Author: the_unnatural_disaster
text || audio links

[SPN J2] Strong and Warm
Reader: sly_hostetter || Author: hunters_retreat
text || audio links

[The Social Network] the if statement evaluated to be true
Reader: quintenttsy || Author: thisissirius
text || audio links

Reader: opalsong || Author: mercurialMalcontent
text || audio links

[Avengers] The Adventures of Captain America and Phil, by Phil Coulson, Age 7
Reader: [personal profile] sabinetzin || Author: dizmo
text || audio links
Note: This is the only podfic we played while simultaneously looking at the text. The podfic is adorable and enjoyable on its own, but I highly recommend listening-while-reading.

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS choosing for this playlist was HARD. I received several really incredible recs while putting this thing together, but sadly wasn't able to fit it all onto the final cut. The recs listed below didn't make it onto the playlist for one or more of the following reasons: 1) The podfic was too long, and I would've had to cut others to keep it. 2) I already selected a podfic from that fandom or reader. 3) I received the rec after I'd already finalized the playlist. That's it. I'm MASSIVELY grateful to everyone who recced podfics for me, and I STRONGLY encourage you to check out all of the podfics listed below.


[SG1] Scientific Method
Reader: cantarina1 || Author: zinke
text || audio links

[SPN] Cold Comfort
Reader: heard_the_owl || Author: ratherastory
text || audio links

[SG1] Ergo, Urges
Reader: lunate8  || Author: [personal profile] misbegotten
text || audio links

[TSCC/SPN] On the Use of Weapons
Reader: templemarker || Author: cofax7
text || audio links

[SGA] Antarctic Drift
Reader: winkingstar || Author: lavvyan
text || audio links

[Old Spice Commercials] Many Kinds of Man, Many Kinds of Bodywash
Readers: kalakirya & KnucklesPop || Author: helens78
text || audio links
Note: This one in particular kept getting put on and pulled off the official playlist. I ended up leaving it off because I was trying really hard to keep it to 50 minutes, and keeping this would mean cutting 1-2 others that I felt really committed to. In retrospect, I could have kept it and it would have been totally fine. I recommend listening to the Director's Cut - if it had stayed on the playlist, it would have represented unedited!podfic, collaborative podfic, and a male podficcing voice, in addition to being completely hilarious.

[Community] Three Men and a Baby Minus a Man
Reader: [personal profile] dr_fumbles_mcstupid || Author: marksykins
text || audio links

[SPN J2] Twit
Reader: applegeuse || Author: mistyzeo
text || audio links

[SPN J2] People Who Live Downstairs
Reader: applegeuse || Author: mistyzeo
text || audio links

[Macdonald Hall] Bruno & Boots' European Vacation
Readers: fishpatrol & applegeuse || Author: scintilla10
text || audio links

Many thanks again to everyone who recced podfic for this party. I wish I could have included everything. Y'all are amazing.

IF YOU ENJOY THESE PODFICS, PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK FOR THE READERS! All links to go personal journals, amplificathon, or AO3 for ease-of-commenting. 

Thank you!
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