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Why Come to Wincon? Part 1

We know how it is: cons can get expensive and weekends are at a premium and you're not sure you want to take time off to hang out with people you only know from the internet.

Well you're wrong. Past attendees of wincon will set you straight, and we didn't even have to pay them to do it. Read on for reasons you should show up at a hotel full of strangers.

Wincon will ruin your life. IT WILL LITERALLY RUIN YOUR LIFE. Do not come to Wincon unless you're ready to accept that after it is over, nothing else will ever measure up. You will spend all year waiting for that one, fleeting weekend that you get to spend in an exciting new city, surrounded by people who GET you and who will become some of your closest friends, flailing over your favorite characters, OTPs, fics, and actors. You will get to be EXACTLY the person you are the rest of the year but have to pretend not to be because the mundanes you are regularly surrounded by wouldn't get it. It will feel like a rainbow-colored whirlwind of glorious perfection, and then it will end, leaving you high and dry (or at least probably hungover), jonesing for another fix. Take it from me. Wincon is sparkly glitter crack. You don't want to mess with that stuff. Except, you know. All the cool kids are doing it…

cherie_morte, writer etc.

If I were to tell someone what Wincon means to me, I would have to tell them that Wincon is one of the few places I've felt like it was safe to be me, just as I am.  I had the opportunity to speak on a podfic panel with a group of wonderful and amazing people who had my back and didn't let my first time speaking in public in years become a disaster (which it would have, if I'd been on my own, lol).

Sly, podficcer

Sound like fun? Of course it does. Make your obvious decision, while tickets for the WHOLE WEEKEND are still just $115 a pop, and register now!

Not convinced? It's okay; I've got more where these came from. :D
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