you've never looked more beautiful, darling (mistyzeo) wrote in wincon,
you've never looked more beautiful, darling

Why Come to Wincon? Part 2

Three More Reasons You Should Make Wincon a Priority

"I can't even begin to describe Wincon right now, partly because there were four crammed days of amazingness and I don't have the time to do a proper write up yet, and partly because, to be all tumblr about it, UGH MY FEEEEEEEEELS I CAN'T!!! I CANNOT!!! I HAVE LOST THE ABILITY TO CAN!!!!!! *flips a table like Alan Rickman in slow motion*"

-- lazy_daze

"To say that Wincon is the best part of my year would not be a complete exaggeration. It is a series of glorious days, wonderful fangirls, and sharing of all the things. It is a happy place for me to remember when things are rough."

-- locknkey

"It's like there's one perfect place for people to be themselves, in the whole world, and it's Wincon."

-- gekizetsu

Tags: 2013-las vegas, what i love about wincon
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