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Dressing for Winprom

Oh my god, you guys, Wincon is getting so close! One of the best nights of my life is coming up! WINPROM.

Now, the beautiful thing about Winprom is that you don't have to stress about it like you may or may not have done about Regular Prom. Because Winprom is at least fifty times more fun than Regular Prom. All of your favorite people will be there! And the best part, the absolute best part of the whole thing, is that you can dress up as little or as much as you damn well please.

My first year at Wincon, which was 2011, the theme of the evening was "Under the Sea." Here is a picture of me dressed like a jellyfish.


Here is a picture of me dressed like a jellyfish dancing with cherie_morte dressed like a peacock hooker.

misty and cherie make a fandom of their own

When aggybird does costume, she does not kid around. Or maybe she looks like this all the time? I can't remember.

aggybird under the sea

Here is a picture of the beautifuls jadelyntate, clex_monkie89, and tsukinofaerii in 2009. Prom dresses encouraged at prom.

But not required! Here is a picture of myself and cacheth in 2012, where the theme was Wild Wild West. I tried.

sarahmonious, ignited, and Danielle did Wild Wild Wincon costumes to a T.


This year's Prom Theme is Casino Royale, which could go so. many. ways!

sliding across the ground while shooting a gun: my #1 test of suit durability.

Or, because we're going to be IN LAS VEGAS, you could take another iconic route:

Basically, it's a costume free-for-all, and you should wear what you like, including, but not limited to, sneakers and jeans. Start digging through your closet NOW, people!
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