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Raffle information

Are you ready for Wincon? Of course, you are! It’s so close, you can almost hear the fangirls welcoming you to Orlando. And with Wincon comes one of our signature events - the annual charity raffle.

100% of the proceeds from our raffle go to our Kiva account, where we've successfully sponsored people (primarily women) from all over the world as they work to build better lives for themselves and their families. Last year, we raised nearly $2,000 for this great cause, and I’m hoping we’re able to do the same (or even better!) this year.

If you'd like to know more about Kiva, you can find it here.

What can I do for the auction, you may ask? The answer is simple: we need items! If you'd like to know what sorts of items we're looking for, keep reading! Some of the favorite items in the past have included, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Fanart works such as drawings, paintings, photo-manips

  • Fandom-themed trinkets/toys such as coffee mugs, keychains, mousepads, diaries, phone cases, refrigerator magnets, rub-on tattoos, figurines

  • Jewelry (both fandom and not)

  • Clothing (fannish t-shirts, socks, etc.)

  • Fan-made craft items such as blankets, throw-pillows, scarves, socks, mittens or needlepoint

  • Souvenir items from other cons, like SDCC swag bags, promo posters, etc.

  • Tea! And teacups, diffusers, etc.

  • Cosmetics and cosmetic samples (new and unopened only, please!)

  • Celebrity autographs

  • Fandom & genre books, DVDs, and soundtracks

  • Games and card games (Cards Against Humanity is extremely popular)

  • Art/journaling supplies

  • Crafting supplies (yarn, jewelry-making supplies, crochet thread, beads, etc)

  • Gift cards (Starbucks, iTunes, etc)

  • One year, we even had a Kindle!

These are only a FEW of the things we've had. Basically, if it's something you think other fans might want, we probably want it for our raffle. Even smaller, singular items are welcome, because we’ll group these together to create themed baskets, which are always ridiculously popular. So bring forth your Impala keychains, that triskelion pendant, or those Marvel-themed socks.

Think of it as a great opportunity for you to do some de-cluttering (we know you sometimes look at your collection and wonder what you’re going to do with all of that stuff) and know that you're helping to change people's lives.

If you have items to donate and want to know how, OR if you have any questions, you can ask here or message me, vorpalblades. And even if you don't have anything to donate, you still help just by spreading the word. You can link people to this post or reblog this info over on tumblr. And remember to bring your dollars with you to Wincon – that perfect item is just waiting for you to win it!

And please feel free to leave a note if you've won something in the past and want to share your story! Your favorite item, that time everyone at your prom table won something, whatever you want to share!

Thank you all so much for your help, and good luck in the raffle!
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