Swedish for "Smith" (colls) wrote in wincon,
Swedish for "Smith"

Badfic idol - podfic versions

You know that saying "better late than never"?

In one month we'll be traveling to Orlando. What better listening material for your travels than badpodfic from badfic idol in Vegas?

So far we have twothree badpodfics for your amusement. If you've recorded one, please feel free to drop it off in the comments and I'll update the post. :D

BADPODFICS circa 2013
- donde esta los pantelones desertport & beadslut
- You're mah brother, and I love u glovered & colls
- The Best Fucking Day by eboniorchid & chemm80

We also have some matching badart from gigglingkat which I'm reposting here below the cut for science and smiles.
ETA: new art from beadslut ;)

I'm looking forward to BADFIC IDOL 2014 - are you?
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