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ROOMMATES - 2015 in Pittsburgh!

Whether you have a room and need more people in it or you want to join someone else who already has a reservation or even find some people who sound fun and figure it out together, this is the post for you!

Things to include when making or replying to a post:

1) Email address!
2) What nights you're planning to stay (Thurs-Sun? Wed-Mon? Thurs-Tues? What's your plan?)
3) Do you want a room with lots of activity and visitors and slumber parties? Or do you want a quiet place to go back and chill when the hustle and bustle of the con is too much? Are you an early riser or an up all nighter? Your con experience will be 20x better if you're with people who vacation like you do!
4) How many people do you want to share with? Are you cool with sharing a bed? Do you need your own? A room with two beds can fit up to 4 people, but you can also do less if your budget and your comfort level desire it!
5) Anything else that might make finding a roommate for the con fun! What are your fandoms? Your ships? Are you an artist? An author? An avid reader and reccer? Talk a bit about yourself!

Also, please remember that all attendees are subject to Wincon's Harassment Policy and Terms of Use. If you feel unsafe during the course of Wincon, we encourage you to contact someone on staff so we can help address it ASAP. Our priority is our attendees' safety and wellbeing, and we will respond with whatever actions are available to us.
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