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Programming Submissions for Wincon Pittsburgh Now Open!

Hey Winconners!

For the past month, we've been excitedly brainstorming ideas for programming for Wincon 2015 in Pittsburgh! Now is the time to submit those awesome ideas, and any others that you would like to see! Submissions will be open for 6 weeks (March 1st - April 17th) and we so cannot wait to see all of your ideas start coming in! Without you guys, programming at Wincon wouldn't be as amazing as it is. So submit what you want to run, and if you don't want to run something head over and comment on the brainstorming post with your idea, and maybe someone will submit it. You can also find other fans to be part of your panel or roundtable, or help run your workshop!

When you are ready to submit, just head over to the submission form! You can submit a maximum of four topics in total (multi-session or multi-hour workshops on the same topic count as one submission)! You and up to 3 other fans can be on a panel together (this includes a moderator, as panels cap out at 4 panelists), and if you would like Wincon to help you find a moderator, let us know on the form! We'd be happy to help.

Check out our Programming FAQ for more details! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on this post, or email the Programming team at programming@omgwincon.com.

Here is a list of the programming suggestions that have already been submitted. This will be updated at least once a day, but may not be 100% up to date, as the programming team is doing it manually. If your submission has not appeared on this list and you haven't received a confirmation email within a few days of submitting, please contact us.
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