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Wincon Fanfic Book Club: Voting through July 31st

Welcome to the first ever Wincon Fanfic Book Club! We’re so excited to try out this concept this year in Pittsburgh! Our goal is to critically analyze and discussion certain works of fanfiction in an open and safe space. But first, we need some fic to read!

We will be having two different workshops (and yes, you can attend both!): one for a fic from a large fandom, and one for a fic from a small fandom. Voting on which fandom you’d like to read from will commence during the month of July. We’ve decided on 20 different large fandoms that you will be able to choose from, and anything that’s not on the list is considered a small fandom.

When you vote, you’ll also be able to submit specific fics that you’d possibly like to discuss during the book club. Fics can be anywhere from 20k-100k, and we ask that you already have some topics to talk about formulating in your mind when choosing what fics you’re going to submit. Final decisions about fics that will be read for the actual Fanfic Book Club will be made by the runners of the workshop, and will be posted in September. This gives you about a month and a half to read the text(s) before Wincon! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them down in the comments below.

Fandoms voting concludes July 31st
Book Club Fics announced Sept 1st

Happy reading, Wincon!

Vote for which fandoms you'd like to read here!

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